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Gene Review

Nes  -  nestin

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AA166324, C78523, ESTM46, Nestin
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  • In embryonic stages, E9-12, anti-ELF localized to the primary brain vesicular cells that also labeled strongly with anti-nestin but not anti-vimentin [15].
  • In desmin K/O mice nestin was also found in regenerating myofibers [11].
  • Embryonic LHRH neurons were examined in vivo for Mash-1 and nestin, two factors that delineate precursor populations in PNS and forebrain CNS cells [16].
  • Experimental manipulation of nasal explants revealed dual expression of nestin protein and LHRH in cells proximal to the vomeronasal organ anlage that was dependent upon midline cartilaginous/mesenchymal tissues [16].
  • We identified Pitx2 expression in nestin-positive neural progenitors and in postmitotic, developing neurons [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Nes


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