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Gene Review

GRN  -  granulin

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CLN11, GEP, GP88, Granulins, PCDGF, ...
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Disease relevance of GRN


Psychiatry related information on GRN

  • There was a strong correlation between Pepi and GGEMG during wakefulness in most subjects (9 of 15 had absolute R > 0.7 [p < 0.05], group mean R = -0.62, p < 0.05) [6].

High impact information on GRN


Chemical compound and disease context of GRN


Biological context of GRN


Anatomical context of GRN


Associations of GRN with chemical compounds

  • Previous studies showed that the granulin/epithelin precursor (GEP) binds the histidine-rich region of cyclin T1 and inhibits P-TEFb function [3].
  • It is thus suggested that the cysteine-rich domain of Tat plays a role in the interaction between the Tat and either Notch2 or the epithelin/granulin domains, both of which exhibit EGF-like-repeat-imposed spatial conformation [9].
  • Furthermore, binding experiments demonstrated that CSBG bound to glycosphingolipids (such as LacCer) with a terminal galactose residue; however, SCG and GRN (1,6-monoglucosyl-branched beta-glucans) did not bind to LacCer [16].
  • Gel forming 6 branched (1----3)-beta-D-glucans, SSG, branched at every other main chain glucosyl unit, grifolan (GRN) and schizophyllan, branched at one third of main chain glucosyl unit, enhanced clot formation of human plasma [17].
  • Effect of postmenopausal hormone therapy on lipoprotein(a) concentration. PEPI Investigators. Postmenopausal Estrogen/Progestin Interventions [18].

Regulatory relationships of GRN


Other interactions of GRN

  • Sequencing the region surrounding the human alphaIIb locus showed the Granulin gene approximately 18 kb downstream to alphaIIb, and the KIAA0553 gene approximately 5.7 kb upstream [21].
  • Our study provides the first evidence of high incidence of PCDGF expression in human breast cancer in which it correlates with clinicopathological variables such as tumor grade, proliferation index, and p53 expression [14].
  • Average Ki-67 index of PCDGF-negative/weakly positive invasive carcinomas (30.3) was significantly lower than that of strongly PCDGF-positive tumors (48.8, P=0.01) [14].
  • It is assumed that such interactions might modulate the physiological functions of Notch2 and epithelin/granulin, thereby affecting various pathologies associated with CAEV [9].
  • Antisense transfection of GEP into ovarian cancer cell lines resulted in down-regulation of GEP production, reduction in cell growth (P < 0.002), decrease in the S-phase fraction (P < 0.04), and loss of density-independent growth potential (P < 0.01) [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of GRN

  • The GEP RNA level was examined by quantitative reverse transcription-PCR, and protein localization by immunohistochemistry [13].
  • Our earlier cDNA microarray study indicated that GEP was overexpressed in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) [13].
  • CONCLUSION: These data suggest that expression of PCDGF/GP88 confers resistance to dexamethasone and increase tumorigenesis of multiple myeloma cells in mouse xenografts [22].
  • Comparison of mRNA levels by semi-quantitative RT-PCR revealed a relative overexpression of three genes in cancer tissues, including growth factor granulin and Tbdn-1--an orthologue of the mouse acetyltransferase gene which is associated with blood vessel development [23].
  • T. ni larval bioassays showed that a factor, present in the TnGV granulin or AcMNPV polyhedrin, enhanced the infectivity of AcMNPV [24].


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