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Gene Review

HOXA10  -  homeobox A10

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: HOX1, HOX1.8, HOX1H, Homeobox protein Hox-1.8, Homeobox protein Hox-1H, ...
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Disease relevance of HOXA10


High impact information on HOXA10

  • In contrast, Hoxa10 and Hoxa11 induced morphogenesis of endometrioid-like and mucinous-like EOCs, respectively [6].
  • This coincides spatially and temporally with expression of maternal Hoxa10 in distal oviductal and uterine epithelium [7].
  • Sexually dimorphic sterility phenotypes in Hoxa10-deficient mice [7].
  • In addition, non-tissue-specific protein-promoter interactions involving the Sp1 transcription factor are necessary for hPL transcription initiation [8].
  • The hPL enhancer is bound by multiple proteins including at least one placental specific protein that interacts with a TEF-1 motif [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of HOXA10


Biological context of HOXA10


Anatomical context of HOXA10

  • To explore if these patterns reflect different functional activities, we have retrovirally engineered the overexpression of a 5'-located gene, HOXA10, in murine bone marrow cells and demonstrate effects strikingly different from those induced by overexpression of a 3'-located gene, HOXB4 [15].
  • We have analyzed the expression of homeoproteins of the HOX family in resting and activated lymphoid cells and in neoplastic lymphoid cell lines by the use of monoclonal antibodies (MoAbs) already shown to react with the homeoproteins HOXA10, HOXC6, and HOXD4, respectively [16].
  • Here we demonstrate the expression of Pbx and Meis family cofactors in the human endometrium and their interaction with HOXA10 [13].
  • We have recently demonstrated that HOXA10 is expressed in the adult human uterus [17].
  • Direct regulation of HOXA10 by 1,25-(OH)2D3 in human myelomonocytic cells and human endometrial stromal cells [18].

Associations of HOXA10 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of HOXA10


Regulatory relationships of HOXA10


Other interactions of HOXA10

  • Finally, our observation also supports the previous suggested role of HOXA10 and HOXA11 in normal thymocyte development [2].
  • When FKHR and HOXA10 are expressed together, promoter activity is markedly up-regulated, which is indicative of cooperativity [14].
  • Herein, we took advantage of the strong transforming potential of NUP98-HOXD13 or NUP98-HOXA10 to establish preleukemic myeloid lines from bone marrow cells that faithfully replicate the first step of Hox-induced leukemogenesis [22].
  • Real time quantitative PCR analysis for all HOXA genes revealed high levels of HOXA10 and HOXA11 expression in all inv(7) positive cases [2].
  • HOXA10, a homeobox transcription factor, is important in the decidualization process [14].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of HOXA10


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