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Oncorhynchus kisutch

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Disease relevance of Oncorhynchus kisutch


High impact information on Oncorhynchus kisutch


Chemical compound and disease context of Oncorhynchus kisutch


Biological context of Oncorhynchus kisutch


Anatomical context of Oncorhynchus kisutch


Associations of Oncorhynchus kisutch with chemical compounds

  • During smoltification of juvenile coho salmon, liver and gill IGF-I mRNA levels increased with increasing plasma GH and thyroxine concentrations [22].
  • The effect of steroid hormone treatment on coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) was examined [9].
  • In the coho salmon there is a transient increase in total brain concentrations of serotonin during smolt transformation which occurs midlife, just before down-stream migration to the ocean [23].
  • Serum levels of L-thyroxine (T4) and triiodo-L-thryonine (T3) were suppressed in C57B1/6 mice following consumption of Lake Ontario coho salmon, but T3 and T4 levels remained unchanged in DBA/2 mice [24].
  • At concentrations in the range 3.9-250 ng/ml, rsIGF-I significantly stimulated sulfate uptake by the cultured branchial cartilage of coho salmon [25].

Gene context of Oncorhynchus kisutch

  • The N-terminal sequences of rabbit muscle and coho salmon enolase were determined in this way and are compared to each other and to the sequence of yeast enolase [26].
  • IGF-binding protein (IGFBP) bands were observed in plasma of coho salmon by Western ligand blotting using (125)I-sIGF-I [27].
  • When applied to several proteins, the procedure confirmed known N-terminal acylamino acids and identified acyl-Ser in enolases from chum and coho salmon muscle and in pyruvate kinase from rabbit muscle, and acyl-Thr in phosphofructokinase from rabbit muscle [26].
  • The direct effects of somatostatin-14 (SRIF; synthetic ovine) and the fish caudal neuropeptide, urotensin II (UII; synthetic Gillichthys), on fatty acid (FA) release and on lipolytic enzyme (triacylglycerol lipase) activity were determined on coho salmon liver slices incubated in vitro [13].
  • The sensitivity of the ELISA was less than 1.56 ng/ml and circulating levels of GH in the plasma of coho salmon and rainbow trout plasma were measured as 75 and 35 ng equivalents/ml, respectively [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Oncorhynchus kisutch


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