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Chemical Compound Review

Phenylethanol     2-phenylethanol

Synonyms: Phenethanol, Benzenethanol, Benzeneethanol, Benzylcarbinol, Benzyl carbinol, ...
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Disease relevance of Benzyl carbinol


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Chemical compound and disease context of Benzyl carbinol


Biological context of Benzyl carbinol


Anatomical context of Benzyl carbinol


Associations of Benzyl carbinol with other chemical compounds

  • Biochemical characterization of a purified recombinant benzoyl-CoA:benzyl alcohol/phenylethanol benzoyltransferase protein showed that it can produce benzylbenzoate and phenylethyl benzoate, both present in petunia corollas, with similar catalytic efficiencies [25].
  • Novel type of in situ extraction: Use of solvent containing microcapsules for the bioconversion of 2-phenylethanol from L-phenylalanine by Saccharomyces cerevisiae [26].
  • A predictive thermodynamic model for the bioreduction of acetophenone to phenethyl alcohol using resting cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae [27].
  • Fructan and fructose-oligosaccharide (FOS) production in both strains was inducible by reutericyclin, trans-isohumulone, and nigericin at the levels of their minimum inhibitory concentrations (MIC) as well as phenylethanol (6mM) and elevated growth temperatures (45 degrees C), but not by nisin, CCCP or gramicidin [28].
  • From a methanolic extract of leaves of Alangium platanifolium var. trilobum, benzyl alcohol xylopyranosyl(1---6)glucopyranoside, phenethyl alcohol xylopyranosyl(1----6)glucopyranoside and Z-hex-3-en-1-ol (aoba alcohol) xylopyranosyl(1----6)glucopyranoside were isolated [29].

Gene context of Benzyl carbinol

  • The effects of the local anesthetics phenethyl alcohol (PEA) and procaine (both environmental perturbants) were investigated with lacZ operon fusions to either adi or cad and their respective hns mutants [14].
  • METHODS: We assessed olfactory threshold for phenylethyl alcohol in 91 patients with symptoms of allergic rhinitis and 80 nonatopic control subjects [30].
  • Phenethyl alcohol disorders phospholipid acyl chains and promotes translocation of the mitochondrial precursor protein apocytochrome c across a lipid bilayer [31].
  • Precursor forms of periplasmic and outer membrane proteins were accumulated in phenethyl-alcohol-treated cells in membrane fractions [32].
  • 2-Phenylethanol, one of the volatiles emitted from their prey's host plants (alfalfa and corn) evoked a significant EAG response from antennae of C. carnea [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Benzyl carbinol


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