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Age Distribution

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Disease relevance of Age Distribution


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Chemical compound and disease context of Age Distribution


Biological context of Age Distribution

  • Although more of the blacks were male, the age distribution, midarm circumference, midarm muscle circumference, blood pressure, and serum calcium, phosphorus, and PTH concentrations were comparable in the two groups [17].
  • Criticism of these methods (e.g. see Cooper, this issue, pp. 266-269, ) suggests that these studies are flawed, and posits that such methodologies cannot be used to study the cell cycle because they alter the size and age distributions of the cultures [18].
  • This behaviour is similar to that which we observed (Pompei and Wilson, 2001) in the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) data where the age distribution of human cancer incidence turns over at about age 80 [19].
  • The autocatalyzed progression of aneuploidy accounts for all cancer-specific phenotypes, the Hayflick limit of cultured cells, carcinogen-induced tumors in mice, the age distribution of human cancer, and multidrug-resistance [20].
  • The time course of creatine influx or efflux as measured in populations of red cells or red cell ghosts with normal age distribution does not follow simple two-compartment kinetics [21].

Anatomical context of Age Distribution


Associations of Age Distribution with chemical compounds

  • Pentosidine and fluorescent AGE distributions of diabetic RBM were similar to LBM, but the CML AGE in diabetic kidney was less in the triple helical domain than in NC1 [23].
  • The small differences in thyroid hormone levels between psychiatric diagnostic groups could be explained by differences in age distribution [24].
  • The purpose of this study was to validate the relationship of warfarin sodium and CCR, as well as to present the appearance and sex and age distribution of the normal degenerative CCR seen in the elderly [25].
  • The fact that many aging curves such as those for estrogen, testosterone or 17-hydroxycorticosteroid show striking similarity to the MS incidence curves raises the question whether infection is the entire explanation for the age distribution [26].
  • Carbonyls in samples taken after steroid administration were less than for controls with a similar age distribution [27].

Gene context of Age Distribution

  • EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN: We performed a systematic review of ovarian tumors from 178 BRCA1 mutation carriers, 29 BRCA2 mutation carriers, and 235 controls with a similar age distribution [28].
  • In contrast to that observed in Caucasian patients, no significant difference was observed in the age distribution and the frequency of EGFR overexpression/amplification between primary and secondary GBMs in adult Chinese patients [29].
  • The absolute rate of ER+ breast cancer (standardized to the age distribution of person-years experienced by all study participants using 5-year age categories) was 232 per 100,000 person-years among women in the highest category of alcohol intake, and 158 per 100,000 person-years among nondrinkers [30].
  • The age distribution at diagnosis of sporadic patients was significantly higher than that of FAP and HNPCC patients (median 60 years vs. 43 and 49 years; p < 0.0001) [31].
  • No studies have assessed the age distribution of AMACR expression in normal men [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Age Distribution


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