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Chemical Compound Review

Funduscein     disodium 2-(6-oxido-3-oxo-xanthen-9...

Synonyms: Ak-Fluor, Ful-Glo, AC1MVAYI, Floures (TN), Aizen uranine, ...
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  • The capillaries within the metastatic foci were enlarged and irregular, but there was no leakage of sodium fluorescein, showing that the blood-brain barrier was intact [1].
  • Moreover, when alphaIIb(P145A) and beta3 were stably coexpressed in Chinese hamster ovary cells, alphaIIbbeta3 was readily detected on the cell surface, but the cells were unable to adhere to immobilized fibrinogen or to bind soluble fluorescein isothiocyanate-fibrinogen after alphaIIbbeta3 activation by the activating monoclonal antibody PT25-2 [7].
  • Extravasation of sodium fluorescein (MW, 386), but not 150 kDa (MW) fluorescein isothiocyanate-dextran, occurred in the area postrema under control conditions [8].
  • After a certain period of time filtered ultraviolet light produces platelet aggregation in microvessels on the cerebral surface of the mouse, but only when sodium fluorescein is first injected intravascularly to provide a light-absorbing, heat-generating target [9].
  • The low vascular permeability of HGL21, which was also confirmed by both sodium fluorescein and Lissamine green injections, suggests that not all tumors are leaky to tracer molecules and that the blood-tumor barrier of this tumor still possesses some characteristics of blood-brain barrier as observed in other intracranial tumors [10].

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