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Skinfold Thickness

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Associations of Skinfold Thickness with chemical compounds

  • Values for weight, height, skinfold thickness, and serum cholesterol were in the same direction, and the differences were statistically significant [28].
  • Are Eskimos more or less obese than other Canadians? A comparison of skinfold thickness and ponderal index of Canadian Eskimos [29].
  • The ability of anthropometric measurements, including arm muscle area calculated from arm circumference and triceps skinfold thickness, to estimate creatinine excretion as an index of muscle mass was tested in 14 fully active children, 2 to 6 yr of age in a residential care facility [30].
  • However, with each unit increase in sum of skinfold thicknesses, plasma triglyceride concentrations in blacks appeared to increase only one-third to one-half as much as in whites [31].
  • Plasma levels of free testosterone correlated inversely with both truncal and peripheral skinfold thickness only in the nondiabetic men [32].

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