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Chemical Compound Review

Retinamine     (2E,4E,6E,8E)-3,7-dimethyl-9- (2,6,6...

Synonyms: AC1L9GKP, 43219-27-8, trans-Retinylamine
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Disease relevance of retinal


Psychiatry related information on retinal

  • RESULTS: Retinal screening in patients with type 2 diabetes is an effective intervention; however, the risk reduction varies dramatically by age and level of glycemic control [6].
  • BACKGROUND: Retinal sensitivity may play a role in the pathogenesis of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and response to light therapy [7].
  • RESULTS: Retinal detachment occurred in three of 53 patients in the intravitreal therapy group, one of 20 patients receiving oral maintenance therapy and 21 of 113 patients receiving intravenous maintenance therapy [8].

High impact information on retinal


Chemical compound and disease context of retinal


Biological context of retinal

  • RESULTS: Retinal vascular permeability was significantly higher in diabetic rats (median, 1.09 arbitrary unit) compared with control rats (median, 0.69 arbitrary unit) (p < 0.05) [19].
  • The EP enhancer binds efficiently, as revealed by southwestern experiments, to a 110 kDa protein present in neuroretina cells but not in Quail Embryos Cells and Retinal Pigmented Epithelium which do not express the P0-initiated mRNAs [20].
  • RESULTS: Retinal ischemia led to reductions in thickness and cell number, principally in the inner retinal layers (39% to 80%) and to a lesser extent in the outer retinal layers (26% to 45%) [21].
  • METHODS: Retinal ischemia was induced by increasing intraocular pressure to 130 mm Hg and maintaining that level for 45 minutes [22].
  • PURPOSE: Retinal ganglion cells die by apoptosis during development and after trauma such as axonal damage and exposure to excitotoxins [23].

Anatomical context of retinal


Associations of retinal with other chemical compounds


Gene context of retinal

  • RESULTS: Retinal ganglion cells in the nNOS(-/-) mouse were relatively resistant to gp120, manifesting attenuation of gp120-induced injury compared with wild-type mice [33].
  • METHODS: Retinal morphometry was performed at the light microscopic level in caspase-3 mutant mice from PN0 through PN23, and in rd-1/caspase-3 double mutant mice at PN14, -16, and -18 [34].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Retinal degeneration in the Rpe65(-/-) mice is slowly progressive [35].
  • METHODS: Retinal development in wild-type, NT-4/5 knockout (KO), and NT-4/5:BDNF double-KO mice was histologically examined from postnatal day 0 (P0) to P90 [36].
  • METHODS: Retinal vascular development was analyzed in 150 eNOS+/+ and eNOS-/- mice ranging from 1 day to 6 months old by using a combination of morphometric and biochemical approaches [37].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of retinal


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