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Disease relevance of Microsurgery


High impact information on Microsurgery


Chemical compound and disease context of Microsurgery


Biological context of Microsurgery


Anatomical context of Microsurgery

  • A comparison of glyceryl trinitrate and labetalol as hypotensive agents in microsurgery of the middle ear [21].
  • In embryos deprived of secondary mesenchyme cell (SMC) by microsurgery, the number of SRC decreased considerably [22].
  • Thus, the CO2 laser can significantly reduce postoperative adhesions in microsurgical uterine tube reanastomosis but without any significant histologic difference in tissue reunion, compared with conventional microsurgery [23].
  • Plasma membranes of such cells have been freshly prepared by freehand microsurgery and are tightly fixed over a 30-micrometers phi hole between two compartments of a microchamber containing 2.0 mM GABA in 7.5 microliters and 0.2 mM GABA in 75 microliters, respectively [24].
  • SETTING: Cell Biology Laboratory and the Laboratory for Intraocular Microsurgery and Implants, Goldschleger Eye Research Institute, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer, Israel. METHODS: In an in vitro study, cultured bovine corneal endothelial cells were exposed to diluted PI [25].

Associations of Microsurgery with chemical compounds

  • Ninety-five patients undergoing microsurgery of the middle ear were anaesthetised using thiopentone, nitrous oxide, oxygen and halothane via a low flow circle system, with carbon-dioxide absorption [21].
  • Additional studies will be required to determine if normalization of the circadian cortisol rhythm occurs in all patients with Cushing's disease who are cured after transsphenoidal microsurgery and who also show normal ACTH reserve [26].
  • We previously reported that vascularized bone allograft using immunosuppressants, such as cyclosporine A (CsA), is one approach for reconstruction of large bone defects in both experimental animals (Microsurgery 15:663; 1994) and clinically in humans (Lancet 347:970, 1996) [27].
  • METHODS: The concentration of putrescine, spermidine, and spermine, and the activity of ODC were biochemically quantified in tissue samples obtained during open microsurgery of 670 patients with brain tumours [28].
  • CO2 laser microsurgery differs from previous methods in that extremely fine and controlled therapy can be conducted with minimal damage to surrounding tissues and organs [29].

Gene context of Microsurgery

  • Our results suggest potential benefits via inhibition of iNOS to improve clinical outcomes not only for hand surgeons who work in the microsurgery field, but also for other physicians whose work involves ischemia/reperfusion injury [30].
  • In one out of two patients who had previously undergone unsuccessful pituitary microsurgery, neither basal nor oCRH-induced ACTH increases led to correct localization of the microadenoma within the pituitary [31].
  • CRH test after pituitary microsurgery suggests tertiary adrenocortical insufficiency in successful operated patients with Cushing's disease [32].
  • All 20 had bilateral proximal tubal obstruction without other tubal disease, and all had been recommended for tubal microsurgery or in vitro fertilization [33].
  • To characterize trophoblast cell-specific secretions, the inner cell mass was removed from all embryos by microsurgery on Day 13 [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Microsurgery


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