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Chemical Compound Review

FEP     [[4-[4-[4-(difluoro- phosphono...

Synonyms: CHEMBL1161222, CHEBI:42527, AC1L9JXY, DB04204
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Disease relevance of FEP

  • Marked elevation of FEP with iron deficiency anemia [1].
  • The FEP combination is as active (OR: 34%) in the treatment of patients with advanced gastric cancer as the EAP regimen, although it leads to fewer complete remissions [2].
  • Individuals with alpha thalassemia trait and normal iron studies had FEP levels in the normal range despite marked degrees of microcytosis [3].
  • In hospitalized patients with overt anemia, the TS, FEP, and MCV are much less helpful because similar changes are seen in the anemia of chronic disease [4].
  • Maintenance of an accurate FEP gain suggests no deficit in oculomotor spatial working memory in Parkinson's disease, at least at delays of up to 5 sec [5].

Psychiatry related information on FEP

  • METHODS: Twenty-five schizophrenia and 8 bipolar disorder FEP patients underwent a structural MRI scan at first presentation and 2 years later [6].
  • However, a thorough initial assessment of patient and family by a specialized team of investigators regarding the kind and duration of patient symptoms may lead to high diagnostic stability, especially in schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder, even in a FEP sample with a relatively short duration of untreated psychosis [7].
  • OBJECTIVES: (1) Assessment of diagnostic stability of psychotic disorders or psychotic mood disorders from 6 weeks to 18 months after initiation of treatment in a representative first-episode psychosis (FEP) sample [7].
  • OBJECTIVE: There has been increased interest in the potential of early intervention to positively influence outcome in first-episode psychosis (FEP) and, consequently, to influence mental health policy and practice [8].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The association between having been a FEP patient and depressive symptoms/depression disappeared when negative social aspects were taken into account [9].

High impact information on FEP

  • The phosphaturic response (fractional excretion of phosphorus, FEP [percent]) was also linearly related to bPTH 1-34 dose, but combined administration of the PTH infusions on one day increased FEP at each dose identically with the effects of separate day administration [10].
  • The present work evaluates the free energy surface for the nucleotide transfer reaction of T7 polymerase by free energy perturbation/empirical valence bond (FEP/EVB) calculations [11].
  • Using a combined QM/MM Monte Carlo/free-energy perturbation (MC/FEP) method, 82% and 100% of chorismate conformers were found to be NAC structures in water and in the CM active site, respectively [12].
  • Down-regulation of the mexXY operon in seven selected strains by the plasmid-borne repressor gene mexZ decreased FEP resistance from two- to eightfold, thereby demonstrating the significant contribution of MexXY-OprM to the FEP(r)/CAZ(s) phenotype [13].
  • Our finding of above-normal values for ZnP and FEP with Pb concentrations less than 300 micrograms/L indicates that iron deficiency constitutes an equally important public-health problem for children in New York City [14].

Chemical compound and disease context of FEP


Biological context of FEP

  • Elevations in FEP values were not related to either blood lead concentration or hematocrit levels in the infants [17].
  • Storage iron depletion is identified by marrow examination or serum ferritin, iron deficient erythropoiesis by TS, FEP, or MCV, and iron deficiency anemia by hemoglobin concentration or therapeutic iron trial [4].
  • Results were analyzed for the gain of the primary saccade and the accuracy of the final eye position (FEP gain) [5].
  • Patients with raised intracranial pressure seem to undergo some characteristic alterations in FEP and far field potential derivations [18].
  • The no-observed-effect-level (NOEL) was 200 ppm, based on increased amplitude of the longer latency potentials of the FEP at 800 ppm [19].

Anatomical context of FEP

  • Growth; feed conversion; total liver, spleen, and femur iron; and hemoglobin concentrations; hematocrit; RBC and WBC volume; FEP concentration; kidney and heart aconitase activities; erythrocyte and liver catalase activities; liver microsomal oxidase activity; and pathological lesions did not differ between control and 54Fe enriched animals [20].
  • We report the first voxel-based morphometric (VBM) study to examine cerebral grey and white matter and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) using computational morphometry in never-medicated, first-episode psychosis (FEP) [21].
  • The right hippocampus of the UHR-non-psychotic group was significantly smaller than the Normal group but not different to the FEP group [22].
  • These findings suggest that elevations in cord blood FEP values may indicate a state of relative iron deficiency present at birth [17].
  • In this study, we investigated the relationship between the anterior limb of the internal capsule, posterior limb of the internal capsule, and thalamus in first-episode psychosis (FEP) [23].

Associations of FEP with other chemical compounds

  • Of the 62 enrolled patients, 30 were randomized to receive epirubicin 35 mg m(-2), etoposide 120 mg m(-2) and cisplatin 45 mg m(-2) (FEP) on days 1 and 2 every 28 days and 32 to receive the same schedule plus subcutaneous GM-CSF (molgramostin) 150 microg day(-1) on days 5-14 every 21 days [2].
  • Moreover, covalent immobilization via an aldehyde plasma interlayer enabled the application of PLL-g-PEG layers onto substrates such as FEP onto which electrostatic binding is not possible [24].
  • The more hydrophobic surfaces having low Lewis acid-base surface tensions, untreated PMMA and FEP, silicone rubber, and even RFGD-treated silicone rubber showed no nucleation [25].
  • Cultured epithelial cells and stromal fibroblasts were seeded onto two oxygen-containing surfaces: 'tissue culture' polystyrene (TCPS) and a polymer film deposited by RF plasma deposition using a methylmethacrylate monomer (MMA/FEP) [26].
  • On day 1, the neutral surface FEP polymer with incorporated amide (NH2) groups showed the greatest inhibition of adhesion, 89% (P < .01), and cytokine production (IL-1 beta with 58%, IL-6 with 70%, and TNF-alpha with 39%) compared to control TCPS [27].

Gene context of FEP

  • FENa was increased 16.9-fold over normal values: UKV/100 GFR and FEP were increased 5.8-fold and 10.9-fold, respectively [28].
  • Lower NGF levels in FEP patients at the onset of psychosis may have implications for the neurodevelopmental abnormalities [29].
  • Infants with elevated FEP values were found to have lower serum iron and transferrin saturation values than did infants with low FEP values [17].
  • Endothelialization of PETP and FEP only occurred after precoating of these materials with Fn [30].
  • However, depletion of fibronectin reduced cell attachment to TCPS by 20%, whilst on MMA/FEP cell attachment was equivalent, or higher, than that for intact serum [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of FEP

  • Fe deficiency (combination of Hb less than 120 g/L, ferritin less than 12 micrograms/L, and FEP greater than 1.77 mumol/L) was observed in 15% of the macrobiotic group but not in the control group (p = 0.003) [31].
  • However, recent epidemiological studies have highlighted the occurrence of isolates more resistant to FEP than to CAZ (FEP(r)/CAZ(s) profile) [13].
  • The authors present a case of arterial jump graft using a number 9 Goretex prosthesis (FEP ringed vascular graft; W.I. Gore Associates Inc.-Delaware, Flagstaff, AZ) with an excellent outcome 3 years after the transplant [32].
  • The current study aimed to recombine data of samples from longitudinal studies of first-episode psychosis (FEP) to describe outcome and its predictors.Method [33].
  • CONCLUSION: Preliminary results suggest that placement of this ePTFE/FEP-covered stent is feasible and effective in achieving biliary drainage [34].


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