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Rats, Nude

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Disease relevance of Rats, Nude


Psychiatry related information on Rats, Nude

  • Furthermore, nude rats bearing LC-6-JCK showed reduced locomotor activity, less eating and drinking and low blood phosphorus; and anti-PTHrP antibody restored them [6].

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Chemical compound and disease context of Rats, Nude


Biological context of Rats, Nude


Anatomical context of Rats, Nude


Associations of Rats, Nude with chemical compounds

  • Furthermore, no significant increase in substance P concentration was seen in congenitally athymic rats infected with T. spiralis [25].
  • However, when athymic rats were reconstituted with splenic mononuclear cells, increased tension to carbachol or 5-hydroxytryptamine was observed after infection [26].
  • Blood histamine concentration increased significantly in Ws/Ws and +/+ rats but did not increase in nude rats [27].
  • In nude rats carrying both a C6 and a C6tk tumor, the average ratio of tracer accumulation between the tumors was 15 +/- 5 at 2 h postinjection [28].
  • Likewise, the antitumor effects of linomide are also produced in prostatic cancer-bearing athymic nude rats [29].

Gene context of Rats, Nude

  • We found previously that expression of rat Crry on a human tumor cell line enhances tumorigenicity in nude rats [30].
  • Variant forms of rat epidermal growth factor present in the urine of nude rats bearing human tumors [31].
  • The average volume of new bone induced by 10(7) PFU of BMP vector in athymic nude rats was 0.37+/-0.03 cm(3) for ADCMVBMP-2, 0.89+/-0.07 cm(3) for ADCMVBMP-4, 1.02+/-0.07 cm(3) for ADCMVBMP-6, 0.24+/-0.05 cm(3) for ADCMVBMP-7, and 0.63+/-0.07 cm(3) for ADCMVBMP-9 [32].
  • Athymic rats given Ad-IL-1ra (n = 6) had serum levels of 493 +/- 62 pg/ml IL-1ra 14 days after transduction, and IL-1ra was detected for up to 98 days [33].
  • Moreover, immunohistological analysis of ischemic limbs from nude rats revealed that VEGF is also released from recruited human EPC in vivo [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Rats, Nude


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