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Gene Review

PSPH  -  phosphoserine phosphatase

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: L-3-phosphoserine phosphatase, O-phosphoserine phosphohydrolase, PSP, PSPHD, PSPase, ...
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Anatomical context of PSPH

  • Further investigation showed that the phosphoserine phosphatase (EC activity in lymphoblasts and fibroblasts amounted to about 25% of normal values [1].
  • The presence of low frequency drives (< 4 Hz) in the bilateral PSP condition and its absence in the bilateral FDI condition is consistent with a bilateral drive to axial, but not distal, musculature by the motor pathways responsible for this oscillatory input [19].
  • These results demonstrate mitogenic activity in germ cell proteins (RSP and PSP) and identify a NGF-like protein(s) which is associated with most of this activity [20].
  • Furthermore, neurite outgrowth from pheochromocytoma cells (PC-12), a functional bioassay for NGF-like activity, was stimulated by addition of RSP and PSP to the culture media of the PC-12 cells [20].
  • A homology cloning approach targeting conserved motifs present in all serine proteases, was used to identify candidate serine proteases involved in these processes, and revealed 5 genes (acrosin, testisin, neurosin, PSP and neurotrypsin), none of which had been associated previously with expression in endothelial cells [21].

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