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Disease relevance of Perineum


High impact information on Perineum

  • DESIGN: Monthly surveillance for MRSA colonization of nares, perineum, rectum, and wounds [6].
  • Eighteen presented with primary SCC of the anal canal, two with metastatic disease, and one with a recurrence in the perineum [7].
  • Twenty noncarriers, 26 intermittent carriers, and 16 persistent carriers had nasal, throat, and perineum samples taken 1 day before and 5 weeks after mupirocin treatment (twice daily for 5 days) and assessed for growth of S. aureus [8].
  • PURPOSE: Rat pups only void when the perigenital-bladder reflex is activated by the mother rat licking the perineum [9].
  • Some of these cells contain CGRP and SP, which indicate that referred pain in the perineum and pelvic floor may be caused by an axon reflex in the peripheral process of DRG neurons [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Perineum


Biological context of Perineum

  • In the present study, half of the dams were treated with intranasal zinc sulfate throughout the postpartum period, which led to a specific reduction in maternal stimulation of pup perineum by interfering with the reception of eliciting signals [14].

Anatomical context of Perineum

  • METHODS: One-hundred sixty patients classified as American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status I or II who were scheduled for elective surgery on a lower limb or perineum were sequentially assigned to one of four equal groups to receive intrathecal 0.5% tetracaine in 7.5% or 0.75% glucose, with or without 0.125% phenylephrine [15].
  • At the age of 60 to 90 days, 12 of 17 testes on the operated side were located in the superficial inguinal position, 2 were in the perineum, and another 3 had descended into the contralateral nonoperated scrotum [16].
  • A midline sagittal scan of the fetal pelvis, perineum and external genitalia was obtained and observed continuously during fetal micturition [17].
  • Three MRSA-negative sets of swabs from nose, throat, perineum, urine, and sputum taken at least one hour apart after this six-month period [18].
  • The inferior skin flap is suspended from Colles' fascia of the perineum with subdermal PDS sutures [19].

Associations of Perineum with chemical compounds

  • In addition, the data suggest that, although behavior may exert a positive effect on male arousal, in the absence of an estrogen stimulated perineum it is not sufficient to arouse males to masturbate [20].
  • Ninety-seven (52%) of the cancer patients habitually used talcum powder on the perineum, compared with 247 (46%) of the controls [21].
  • Screening swabs (swabs of the nose, throat, perineum, and infected sites) were inoculated onto the new ORSA medium and into an enrichment broth (Muller-Hinton broth supplemented with NaCl and oxacillin) [22].
  • The perineum was dissected, fixed, sectioned and stained with hematoxylin and eosin, and monoclonal antibodies against neuronal specific enolase [23].
  • They were asked to rate their pain at the time of the catheter insertion, the lidocaine infiltration of the perineum and prostate and again at the completion of the seed insertion [24].

Gene context of Perineum

  • Our results are comparable with the results published in Boston. Because of the high percentage local recurrence in the perineum following APR, we changed our technique and dose [25].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Men with CPPS have altered heat sensation/pain sensitization in the perineum compared to controls [26].
  • After an adaptation period of 15 minutes, digital pressure was applied to the anterior perineum by one of the authors (WRS) [27].
  • The primary natural niche is said to be the human vestibulum nasi from where bacterial cells may spread to the environment or additional anatomical sites such as the perineum or the hands, where residence is usually transient [28].
  • Sympathetic skin responses (SSRs) were recorded from the palms (SSR-1), the soles (SSR-2) and the perineum (SSR-3) [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Perineum


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