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Chemical Compound Review

Sisomicin sulfate     2-[4,6-diamino-3-[[3-amino-6- (aminomethyl)...

Synonyms: SPBio_002352, AC1L1JVF, STK249709, AR-1F8589, AC1Q57V9, ...
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Disease relevance of sisomicin


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Chemical compound and disease context of sisomicin


Biological context of sisomicin


Anatomical context of sisomicin

  • Sisomicin in urinary tract infection: Tolerance and efficacy study [20].
  • One hour after subconjunctival injection, highly therapeutic sisomicin concentrations were achieved in the aqueous humor of both injected and fellow eyes, but the level dropped to very low concentrations 12 hours after the injection [21].
  • When the negative charges of the carboxyl groups of the peptidoglycans are changed to neutral or positive charges, sisomicin does not bind to the cell wall [22].
  • This paper reports on a dynamic study of the morphological changes within the cochlear and vestibular ganglia of the guinea pig after local application of Sisomicin in the inner ear [23].
  • When dams were treated with 25 mg/kg during weeks 1-5 of pregnancy, fetal sisomicin concentration in the kidneys was 9 times greater than in the cochlea; in 3-week-old animals, a drug concentration of 4 microgram/g was detected only in the kidneys [24].

Associations of sisomicin with other chemical compounds


Gene context of sisomicin


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of sisomicin


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