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Gene Review

WIPF2  -  WAS/WASL interacting protein family, member 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: PP10631, WAS/WASL-interacting protein family member 2, WASP-interacting protein-related protein, WICH, WIP-and CR16-homologous protein, ...
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Disease relevance of WIPF2

  • Journals hosted by the High Wire Press (Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Infection and Immunity, and the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy) and the University of Chicago Press (The Journal of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Infectious Diseases) best fulfilled our criteria [1].
  • RESULTS: Wire-guided sphincterotomy was successful in all patients while uncomplicated pancreatitis occurred in one instance [2].
  • A review of 130 children with persistent microhematuria showed that the most common abnormality was a form of hereditary nephritis for wich we propose the term 'familial thin basement membrane nephropathy' (FTBMN) [3].
  • A large randomized trial initially confirmed a significant decrease of in-hospital and 30-day cardiac adverse events, mainly Non-Q-Wave Myocardial Infarction, when angioplasty was performed with the assistance of the Guardwire System. Subsequently, another randomized study showed an equivalence between the Guardwire System and the Filter Wire EX [4].
  • The highest prevalence of glaucomas in 1994-2002 by breed included: American Cocker Spaniel (5.52%); Basset Hound (5.44%); Chow Chow (4.70%); Shar-Pei (4.40%); Boston Terrier (2.88%); Wire Fox Terrier (2.28%); Norwegian ElkHound (1.98%); Siberian Husky (1.88%); Cairn Terrier (1.82%); and Miniature Poodle (1.68%) [5].

High impact information on WIPF2

  • Stable resistant lines bound ouabain at levels 10-fold higher than did HeLa cells and at similar levels to those bound by the unstable C+ line previously described (J. F. Ash, R. M. Fineman, T. Kalka, M. Morgan, and B. Wire, J. Cell Biol. 99: 971-983) [6].
  • The WSTF (Williams syndrome transcription factor) protein is involved in vitamin D-mediated transcription and replication as a component of two distinct ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complexes, WINAC and WICH, respectively [7].
  • Transcription initiates 175 bp upstream from the start of the 16S RNA gene (Wich et al., EMBO J. 6, 523-528, 1987) and terminates 49 bp downstream from the 23S RNA gene within a long pyrimidine sequence [8].
  • This report presents a novel WIP-like protein, WIRE (for WIP-related) [9].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Wire-guided endoscopic snare papillectomy in selected patients is a useful technique that maintains pancreatic-duct access for stent placement [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of WIPF2

  • In Spain, young people are abandoning the "Mediterranean Diet" in favour of industrial products, full of calories and saturated fatty acids but low in nutritional components, wich is contributing to obesity and rising cholesterol levels [11].

Biological context of WIPF2

  • Bipolar coagulation-capable microforceps. Wire-driven microforceps for a neurosurgery support system [12].
  • Here, we propose that WICH, by keeping nucleosomes mobile, provides access to the newly replicated DNA and may thereby create a window of opportunity after DNA replication for rebinding of factors that maintain the epigenetic state, and thus prevents aberrant heterochromatin formation [13].
  • Two trends in particular are worthy of mention in this regard: the progressive globalisation of the food supply and the increase of food intake such as snacks, soft drinks and fast food, wich tipically apport a significant part of daily diet [11].
  • Bath application of 1-methyladenine, the hormone wich controls meiosis reinitiation, triggers without lag a partial depolarization of the plasma membrane, whereas the total ionic conductance undergoes typical variations [14].
  • Real time quantitative PCR using the hybridization probe was a very sensitive and reproducible technique to study the kinetics of congenital toxoplasmosis in the guinea pig model wich is close to that of humans [15].

Anatomical context of WIPF2


Associations of WIPF2 with chemical compounds

  • STUDY DESIGN: Wire myography was used to assess if contractions of intact or alpha-toxin-permeabilized arteries obtained from women at elective cesarean section were influenced by the ROK inhibitor Y-27632 [21].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: Endoscopic stone baskets from Bard (Platinum Class 2.4F Flat and 3.0F Helical Wire), Cook (3.2F Captura, 3.2F Atlas, 3.0F N-Circle, 4.5F N-Force), and Microvasive (2.4F Zero Tip, 3.0F Gemini, 3.0F Segura) were broken once using the holmium:YAG laser [22].
  • For all diameters "Australian Wire Special Plus" coiled wire was stiffer, had a higher elastic modulus, and lower relaxation than the corresponding "Bow-Flex" and "TP Original Wire Premier Plus" wires [23].
  • From infrared observations it is concluded that the conformation of poly (D Trp-L leu), poly (D Leu-L Trp), poly (D Phe-L leu) and poly (D val-L Val-D Val-L Ala) wich are model polymers of Gramicidin A is the same as one species of the antibiotic [24].
  • Especially with allopurinol and alloxanthine, and possibly in the presence of drugs with similar basic structures, one might wich to use a method other than spectrophotometry for the assay of theophylline or discontinue administration of the interfering medication [25].

Regulatory relationships of WIPF2

  • Ectopic expression of WICH induces actin-microspike formation through cooperation with N-WASP [26].

Other interactions of WIPF2

  • WICH associates strongly with N-WASP but only weakly with WASP via its C-terminal WASP-interacting (W) region [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of WIPF2

  • Here, we show by biochemical fractionation of nuclear extracts, protein-protein interaction studies and chromatin immunoprecipitation assays that NM1 is part of a multiprotein complex that contains WICH, a chromatin remodelling complex containing WSTF (Williams syndrome transcription factor) and SNF2h [27].
  • This method, wich is based on differential high-speed ultracentrifugation, has the advantages of a higher vesicle yield without dilution and rapidity of preparation when compared to the molecular-sieve technique [28].
  • CAS was performed with the Smart Precise or Acculink stents, and all procedures included neuroprotection (Filter Wire or Accunet) [29].
  • Griggs' Guide Wire Dilating Forceps and Ciaglia Blue Rhino were the most frequent techniques employed [30].
  • Interventions were performed by using a 1-step device consisting of a needle-wire suitable for cutting current, a 5.5F dilator, and an 8.5F plastic endoprosthesis (Giovannini Needle Wire Oasis, Cook Endoscopy, Winston-Salem, NC) [31].


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