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Chemical Compound Review

Idebenona     2-(10-hydroxydecyl)-5,6- dimethoxy-3-methyl...

Synonyms: Sovrima, idebenone, Catena, Cerestabon, Idebenonum, ...
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  • Chenodeoxycholic acid concentrations increased to 5.15 nmol/10(6) cells after 2 h and to 7.05 after 4 h of incubation of hepatocytes with 1000 micromol/l TCDC, and did not differ in the presence of idebenone [4].
  • However, feeding the animals with idebenone over 7 days before explantation led to a faster recovery of ketone body ratio, paralleled by a substantial suppression of HSP70 expression [15].
  • There is some evidence to suggest that idebenone might function as an antioxidant; however, it has not been demonstrated whether this function pertains to the quinone or hydroquinone form of idebenone [16].
  • We have previously demonstrated that potent antioxidants idebenone and alpha-tocopherol prevent learning and memory impairment in rats which received a continuous intracerebroventricular infusion of amyloid beta, suggesting a role for oxidative stress in amyloid beta-induced learning and memory impairment [21].
  • The results indicate that treatment with idebenone provides significant protection against the neuronal degeneration induced by intrastriatal injection of kainic acid and quisqualic acid, but not the NMDA receptor agonist, quinolinic acid [22].

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