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Chemical Compound Review

Rivotite     carbonic acid; copper; dihydrate

Synonyms: Malachite, AKOS009156945, 1319-53-5, Malachite (Cu2(CO3)(OH)2)
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Disease relevance of Malachite


High impact information on Malachite

  • To establish whether these viral proteins were dual specificity protein phosphatases, the CAV GST-VP2 and TLMV GST-ORF2 fusion proteins were also assayed for serine/threonine phosphatase (S/T PPase) activity using the generalized peptide substrate RRApTVA, with free phosphate detected using the malachite green colorimetric assay [6].
  • PHB granules with distinct membranes were detected by electron microscopy after fixation and staining of V. harveyi cells with malachite green [7].
  • We examined the effect of ROS on SHP-2 in cardiac fibroblasts using a modified malachite green phosphatase assay [8].
  • Nuclei derived from normal mucosal epithelium and tumors were analyzed for phosphotyrosyl protein phosphatase activity using the malachite green assay and a synthetic phosphotyrosyl peptide based on the sequence of cdc2, a known cdc25A phosphotyrosyl protein substrate [9].
  • Dose-response effects of malachite green on free radical formation, lipid peroxidation and DNA damage in Syrian hamster embryo cells and their modulation by antioxidants [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Malachite


Biological context of Malachite


Anatomical context of Malachite


Associations of Malachite with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Malachite

  • A malachite green binding motif, defined by an asymmetric internal loop flanked by short RNA helices, was inserted immediately upstream of the CLB2 start codon [27].
  • For all dyes the inhibition was best characterised as non-competitive. hGSTP 1-1 was not inhibited by Crystal Violet or by Ethyl Violet but was strongly inhibited by Malachite Green (Ki = 0.3 microM) [28].
  • This paper describes the development of a new, malachite green based, enzymatic assay for the identification of specific inhibitors of inorganic pyrophosphatase (iPPase) from Saccharomyces cerevisiae for antifungal drug discovery [29].
  • DNA damage and G2/M arrest in Syrian hamster embryo cells during Malachite green exposure are associated with elevated phosphorylation of ERK1 and JNK1 [30].
  • PTEN activity was determined using the Malachite Green assay basing upon dephosphorylation of phosphatidylinositol-3,4,5-triphosphate (PIP3) by the PTEN enzyme and subsequent determination of inorganic phosphate released [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Malachite

  • Myosin ATPase activities determined by the HPLC method were almost identical to those determined by the malachite green method, a widely used spectrophotometric method with range of detection from 1 to 8 nmol of phosphate [32].
  • Specimens were examined using light and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), with standard processing protocols plus a malachite green-glutaraldehyde-osmium tetroxide (MGO) method, used to retain lipids normally removed from tissues during preparation for electron microscopy [33].
  • Malachite green-conjugated microtubules as mobile bioprobes selective for malachite green aptamers with capturing/releasing ability [34].
  • CD73 activity was measurement using a malachite green method and RT-PCR was used to analyze enzyme expression [35].
  • Muscle samples analyzed by sample oxidation and scintillation counting contained 1.3 and 0.5 microgram/g total malachite green chloride residues immediately after exposure and after a 5-day withdrawal period, respectively [36].


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