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Hypothalamus, Middle

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  • The effects of these manipulations were examined in 3 different paradigms involving the stimulation of feeding by: (1) infusion of 25 nmol noradrenaline (NA) into the medial hypothalamus, (2) adaptation to a 20 h food deprivation schedule, and (3) the presentation of a palatable wet mash diet for 1 h each day to ad libitum-fed rats [6].

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Associations of Hypothalamus, Middle with chemical compounds

  • The existing evidence suggests that lesions in the lateral septum, medial accumbens, medial hypothalamus, or the dorsal and median raphe (or PCPA-induced depletion or serotonin) induce hyperreactivity to the experimenter in mice, rats, cats, dogs, and humans in every instance where they have been tested with one exception [16].
  • The anorexic action of PPA may result, in part, from its interaction with alpha 1-adrenergic receptors within the paraventricular medial hypothalamus (PVN) [21].
  • The levels of 5-HIAA decreased significantly in the POA-AH and medial hypothalamus [22].
  • Freshly prepared Ringer's solution was perfused at a rate of 1 microliter/min immediately after insertion of a dialysis probe into the medial hypothalamus, and brain perfusates were collected every 30 min into microtubes containing 0.2 M perchloric acid [23].
  • Tryptophan levels remained unchanged while tryptophan hydroxylase activity diminished significantly in POA-AH and medial hypothalamus [22].

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