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Chemical Compound Review

Fluoroacetate     2-fluoroethanoate

Synonyms: Cymoric acid, AG-F-73736, CHEBI:18172, CPD-12709, FCH2CO2 anion, ...
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Chemical compound and disease context of Monofluoressigsaures natrium


Biological context of Monofluoressigsaures natrium


Anatomical context of Monofluoressigsaures natrium

  • Since both fluoroacetate and MSO act exclusively on glial cells, the findings also show that neuronal-glial interactions are necessary during the establishment of memory [21].
  • Four strains of Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens, transformed with a gene encoding fluoroacetate dehalogenase, maintained a combined population of 10(6) to 10(7) cells ml-1 in the rumens of test sheep [22].
  • Fluoroacetate is known to block cell metabolism and to change potassium conductances selectively in astrocytes [23].
  • Effects of fluoroacetate on the testis of the rat [24].
  • (v) The lack of significant [14C]ACh synthesis from [1-14C]acetate in striatal synaptosomes is consistent with the failure of fluoroacetate to modify the amounts of 14CO2 as well as of [14C]ACh formed from [2-14C]pyruvate [25].

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Gene context of Monofluoressigsaures natrium

  • The Moraxella sp. strain B gene dehH1, encoding fluoroacetate dehalogenase, was placed under the control of both the GPD1 and CYC1 promoters [30].
  • Selective metabolic impairment of glial cells with fluoroacetate decreased ERK activation [31].
  • Fluoroacetate-resistant mutants were isolated and four different classes were identified: ack, lacking acetate kinase; pta, lacking phosphotransacetylase; facA, lacking both of these activities; and facB, which retained both of these enzyme activities [32].
  • The evidence suggests that GSTZ1 may not be the major enzyme defluorinating fluoroacetate, but it does detoxify the fluoroacetate [33].
  • Administration of fluoroacetate, a competitive inhibitor of aconitase activity, resulted in a dose-dependent decrease in the life span of the flies [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Monofluoressigsaures natrium


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