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Gene Review

Isl1  -  ISL1 transcription factor, LIM/homeodomain

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Insulin gene enhancer protein ISL-1, Islet 1, Islet-1
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Disease relevance of Isl1


High impact information on Isl1

  • In these embryos, expression of Isl1 and Atoh5, essential regulators of pancreatic morphogenesis and differentiation, was severely reduced [6].
  • Requirement for LIM homeobox gene Isl1 in motor neuron generation reveals a motor neuron-dependent step in interneuron differentiation [7].
  • A population of interneurons that express Engrailed1 (EN1), however, also fails to differentiate in Isl1 mutant embryos [7].
  • Neurons induced in explants derived from both diencephalic and telencephalic levels of the neural plate express the LIM homeodomain protein Isl-1, and these neurons possess distinct identities that match those of the ventral neurons generated in these two subdivisions of the forebrain in vivo [8].
  • Insulin gene enhancer binding protein Isl-1 is a member of a novel class of proteins containing both a homeo- and a Cys-His domain [9].

Biological context of Isl1

  • We found that Isl1-beta is a relatively more potent transcriptional activator of the insulin promoter than Isl1-alpha and that the Isl1-alpha isoform undergoes phosphorylation [1].
  • Therefore, the transcriptional activity of Isl1 is potentially regulated by the alternative splicing of its mRNA and by phosphorylation [1].
  • Maternal supplementation of RA rescues early dorsal pancreas development and restores endodermal Pdx 1 and mesenchymal Isl 1 expression as well as endocrine cell differentiation [10].
  • Our data indicate that Isl1 is a specific marker for a subset of pacemaker cells at developmental stages examined, and suggest genetic heterogeneity within the central conduction system and coronary smooth muscle [11].
  • These genetic cell-based systems should allow the direct identification of signalling pathways which guide formation, renewal and diversification of Isl1(+) cardiogenic progenitors into distinct heart cell lineages, and would complement in vitro studies in the mouse embryo during cardiac development [12].

Anatomical context of Isl1


Associations of Isl1 with chemical compounds

  • We do not however find any expression of the late-stage genes (Pax4, Pax6, Isl-1, and MafA) related to beta-cell development, and the cells do not secrete insulin upon the glucose challenge [17].
  • 4) Islet cAMP levels paralleled insulin secretion; in the presence of IBMX, but not glucose alone, cAMP was increased 2-fold more in alpha s+ vs. control islets [18].
  • BACKGROUND: Islet transplantation studies with diabetic rodents frequently use treatment with diabetogens such as alloxan or streptozotocin to render hosts hyperglycemic [19].
  • Characterization of Donor Dendritic Cells and Enhancement of Dendritic Cell Efflux With cc-Chemokine Ligand 21: A Novel Strategy to Prolong Islet Allograft Survival [20].
  • (6) Islet-activating protein and 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate, two inhibitors of the zona pellucida-induced acrosome reaction, prevent sperm bound to ZP3-beads from undergoing the acrosome reaction [21].

Regulatory relationships of Isl1


Other interactions of Isl1

  • To address this, we examined how bHLH proteins Ngn2 and NeuroM controlling neurogenesis functionally converge with LIM-homeodomain (LIM-HD) factors Isl1 and Lhx3 involved in motor neuron subtype specification [14].
  • 5. Most of the Pax6-, Isl1-, or PDX-1-positive cells showed co-expression of HNF-1alpha [26].
  • First, duct cells proliferated in the perfused segment, then cells co-expressing multiple islet hormones and transcription factors such as PDX-1, Nkx2.2, Isl1, and Pax6 were observed in duct cells, and newly formed islet-like cell clusters (ICCs) containing beta cells were recognized [27].
  • To investigate common heart-limb pathways in Isl1-expressing progenitors, we ablated the Type I Bmp receptor, Bmpr1a utilizing Isl1Cre/+ [28].
  • In the developing brain, almost 100% of VMH cells that contain immunoreactive ERalpha also contain Isl-1 [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Isl1


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