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Gene Review

AIC  -  Aicardi syndrome

Homo sapiens

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Disease relevance of AIC


Psychiatry related information on AIC


High impact information on AIC

  • These studies found that certain secondary sequelas of diabetes can be corrected by strict carbohydrate control and confirmed that hemoglobin AIC assays provide a useful means of showing the degree of control of glucose metabolism in diabetic patients [1].
  • Erythrocyte half-life as measured by 51 Cr increased in all patients from a mean of 27 days to 31 days, while hemoglobin AIC levels decreased from a mean of 10.1% to 5.6% [1].
  • No significant differences among the three genotypes were found with respect to age, sex, duration of diabetes, body mass index, blood pressure, plasma glucose, hemoglobin AIC, total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, or cigarette-years [10].
  • On rechallenge and rebiopsy after the end of the 2001 ragweed season, however, AIC-treated patients had a significantly reduced increase in eosinophils and IL-4 mRNA-positive cells and an increased number of IFN-gamma mRNA-positive cells compared with placebo-treated patients [3].
  • There was no difference between the AIC and placebo groups in the number of allergen-induced major basic protein-, IL-4-, IL-5-, or IFN-gamma-positive cells in the mucosa in the first weeks after AIC immunization [3].

Chemical compound and disease context of AIC


Biological context of AIC

  • Nonrandom X-inactivation in lymphocytes and possibly other tissues in some, but not all, patients with Aicardi syndrome may reflect heterogeneity of their molecular lesions [15].
  • This finding, along with a report of an Aicardi syndrome patient with an Xp22/autosome translocation, led to the hypothesis that Aicardi syndrome might be caused by an X-linked dominant, male-lethal mutation on the short arm of the X chromosome [15].
  • The AUC of AIC was strongly correlated with the percentage decrease in PBMC ATase levels [16].
  • ATase levels in PBMCs were used as a surrogate for tumour ATase depletion to determine whether this correlated with either the pharmacokinetics of DTIC and its major metabolite AIC or other clinical sequelae [16].
  • In the present study, DNA binding gel electrophoresis and competition assays showed that NFY and AIC1 recognized the same binding site on element AIC [17].

Anatomical context of AIC


Associations of AIC with chemical compounds

  • BACKGROUND: Amb a 1-immunostimulatory phosphorothioate oligonucleotide conjugate (AIC) is a novel immunotherapeutic compound consisting of purified Amb a 1 from short ragweed proteins covalently linked to an immunostimulatory phosphorothioate oligodeoxyribonucleotide [3].
  • DTIC and AIC exhibited biphasic clearance from the blood, consistent with a 2-compartment pharmacokinetic model [16].
  • RESULTS: The median survival time was 23 months overall, and 53, 16, 7 and 3 months, respectively, for BCLC categories A, B, C, and D. In our cohort, BCLC had the best independent predictive power for survival when compared with the Okuda, CLIP, UNOS-TNM, and JIS prognostic systems (linear trend chi(2)=43.01, likelihood chi(2)=57.94, AIC 885.98) [21].
  • The incorporation of hypoxanthine and AIC into guanine nucleotides, but not adenine nucleotides, was inhibited [5].
  • RESULTS: FEP subjects had reduced AIC volumes (F(1,45)=6.18, p=0.017) and thalamic volumes (F(1,45)=8.00, p=0.007) compared to healthy volunteers [19].

Physical interactions of AIC

  • Our example highlights the predisposition of AIC weighting to favor complex models and suggests a need for caution in using the BIC for computing approximate posterior model weights [22].

Regulatory relationships of AIC

  • Additional trials to further evaluate the safety, immunologic effect, and therapeutic efficacy of AIC for ragwood-induced allergic rhinitis and asthma are ongoing [23].

Other interactions of AIC

  • We suggest the usefulness of the weighted BIC (Bayesian information criterion) as a computationally simple alternative to AIC, based on explicit selection of prior model probabilities rather than acceptance of default priors associated with AIC [22].
  • METHODS: Ragweed-sensitive patients with allergic rhinitis were treated with 6 escalating doses of AIC (0.06-12 microg, n = 28) or placebo (n = 29) at weekly intervals immediately before the 2001 ragweed season [3].
  • Previous studies have shown that the regulatory element AIC of apolipoprotein A-I is recognized by both positive and negative regulators which bind to over-lapping domains [17].
  • We measured insulin levels during 75 g oral glucose tolerance test (75 g OGTT) and hemoglobin AIC levels in patients diagnosed as having impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) or non-insulin dependent diabetes (NIDDM) according to the NIH criteria [11].
  • MSL3L1 was identified by database queries with genomic sequence from BAC GS-590J6 (GenBank AC0004554) in Xp22.3 and was evaluated as a candidate gene for several developmental disorders mapping to this region, including OFD1 and SED tarda, as well as Aicardi syndrome and Goltz syndrome [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of AIC

  • The incidence of acute (48% +/- 3% [SE] at 1 year) and chronic rejection (10% +/- 2% at 3 years) was comparable in patients who have undergone transplantation for PBC, PSC, AIC, and HCV-C [2].
  • Unlike current information-theoretic criteria like AIC, MDL, and related PPCA, which do not incorporate autocorrelations in the noise, the new method leads to more consistent estimates of the model order, as illustrated in simulated and real fMRI resting-state data [25].
  • Clinical trials have documented reduced allergic response to AIC in comparison with licensed ragweed extract [3].
  • Approximately eight plasma samples were collected up to 8 h after each dose, and assayed for TMZ, MTIC, and AIC by HPLC with UV detection [20].
  • BACKGROUND: Many patients undergoing carotid endarterectomy (CE) do not require active intensive care unit (ICU) care (AIC) [26].


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