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Disease relevance of Immunophenotyping


High impact information on Immunophenotyping

  • IL-15(-/-) mice lacked NK cells, as assessed by both immunophenotyping and functional criteria, indicating an obligate role for IL-15 in the development and functional maturation of NK cells [6].
  • Informed consent was obtained for studies that entailed CD4 lymphocyte counts, immunophenotyping, isolator blood cultures, and radiological scans [7].
  • Since the technique can be used on blood and marrow smears even after storage or postal transport, it is suggested that APAAP labelling should become the method of choice for immunophenotyping neoplastic samples in many haematology laboratories not equipped with specialised immunological diagnostic facilities [8].
  • In this study we used myeloid colony assays, immunophenotyping, and transplantation to evaluate myelopoiesis in Mll-AF9 mice [9].
  • Criteria for diagnosis and subclassification of these lesions include peripheral blood findings, cytologic features of hematopoietic tissues, histopathology, immunophenotyping, genetic features, and clinical course [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Immunophenotyping


Biological context of Immunophenotyping


Anatomical context of Immunophenotyping


Associations of Immunophenotyping with chemical compounds

  • For immunophenotyping, sections were incubated, fixed, and stained with fluorescein isothiocyanate-labeled antibodies [23].
  • Immunophenotyping of insulitis in control and essential fatty acid deficient mice treated with multiple low-dose streptozotocin [24].
  • METHODS: Serial immunophenotyping was performed and cytokine measurements were obtained in the peripheral blood and CSF of 12 European patients with definite B burgdorferi meningoradiculitis [25].
  • Induction of clinical remission in T-large granular lymphocyte leukemia with cyclosporin A, monitored by use of immunophenotyping with Vbeta antibodies [26].
  • Although an artifactual signet ring appearance of the blasts was found in the formalin-fixed tissue and caused diagnostic problems, the histological appearance on B-5 fixed material and immunophenotyping confirmed the diagnosis [27].

Gene context of Immunophenotyping

  • Expression profiling using microarrays, which was selectively validated and extended by immunophenotyping of Neu*-induced PIN and CAP, led to the identification of some novel biomarkers and also revealed increased expression of Egfr, Erbb3 and phosphorylated androgen receptor [28].
  • RESULTS: Immunophenotyping showed a low expression of CD80 and CD40 and a variable CD86 expression on most AML cells [29].
  • In conclusion, the study of erythroid marker expression is of particular importance when immunophenotyping leukaemic cells with a proerythroblast-like morphology or an undifferentiated aspect and a HLA DR-, CD36++, B-, T-, My- (CD33 +/-) phenotype [30].
  • Immunophenotyping showed positivity with CD33, CD34 and intracellular MPO, but all lymphoid markers tested were negative [31].
  • Immunophenotyping showed BCP type III pre-B cell characteristics including TdT, CD10, CD19, CD22, CD79a and HLA class II [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Immunophenotyping


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