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Round Window

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Disease relevance of Round Window


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Chemical compound and disease context of Round Window


Biological context of Round Window


Anatomical context of Round Window


Associations of Round Window with chemical compounds

  • Local administration of caroverine on the round window membrane (RWM) could be a more effective means of administration to avoid systemic side/adverse effects [26].
  • Prostaglandin E(1) was topically applied to the round window membrane of the right ear and changes in cochlear blood flow were calculated [27].
  • Using a 4.7 T MRI scanner, high contrast images of all four cochlear turns were obtained 3.5 h after placing gadolinium on the round window membrane [28].
  • Novel drug release microimplants (0.8 x 1.14 mm; custom-made by Leiras, now Schering OY, Finland) of slow- and fast-release types containing either 0.9 mg beclomethasone or no drug at all were placed unilaterally onto the round-window membrane (RWM) of 45 guinea pigs for a maximum duration of 28 days [29].
  • OBJECTIVE/HYPOTHESIS: Using a novel human labyrinthine sampling model, in vivo gentamicin absorption through the round window can be measured [30].

Gene context of Round Window

  • After appropriate anesthesia, female Lewis rats were injected with ANP via the round window [31].
  • METHODS: After surgical exposure, the round window of female Lewis rats was injected with various concentrations of ANP, ANP plus anti-ANP antibody, or control [32].
  • Samples of fluid were collected from the oval and round windows and were tested for beta-2 transferrin [33].
  • In this study R-phenylisopropyladenosine (R-PIA), a stable non-hydrolyzable adenosine analogue which has been found effective in upregulating antioxidant enzyme activity levels, was topologically applied to the round window of the right ears of chinchillas [34].
  • The round window membrane following application of staphylococcal exotoxin: an electron microscopic study [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Round Window


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