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Chemical Compound Review

Curban     (2S)-1-phenylpropan-2-amine; sulfuric acid

Synonyms: Adjudets, Adrizine, Ampherex, Carrtime, Dexaline, ...
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Disease relevance of Curban


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High impact information on Curban

  • Dexamyl, abdominal angina, and celiac-artery compression [10].
  • Brain polysomes are disaggregated in rats given moderate to large doses of d-amphetamine sulfate; this response is rapid in onset, lasts for at least 4-6 hr, and varies with the age of the animal [11].
  • We have previously reported that, 30 min after a single injection of 7.5 mg/kg d-amphetamine sulfate, there was a significant 25% decrease in the apparent Vmax for stimulation of adenylate cyclase activity by the D1 receptor-selective partial agonist SKF 38393 in rat striatal membranes, as compared with saline-injected controls [12].
  • Changes in locomotor and stereotypic activities induced by an i.p. injection of either (+)-5-methyl-10,11-dihydro-5H-dibenzo(a,d)-cycloheptan-5,10-imine maleate (dizocilpine or MK-801; 0.3 mg/kg) or D-amphetamine sulfate (AMPH; 1.5 mg/kg) were studied in male Mill Hill hooded rats of different age [13].
  • The same cocktail of dopamine + d-amphetamine sulfate + pargyline injected in prefrontal cortex of self-stimulators simply attenuated or suppressed responding, and the effect lasted for most of the session [14].

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