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Gene Review

Cel  -  carboxyl ester lipase

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: BAL, BSSL, Bal, Bile salt-activated lipase, Bile salt-stimulated lipase, ...
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Disease relevance of Cel


High impact information on Cel

  • Experiments performed in vivo with hypophysectomized female rats indicate that the trypsin digest of 16k fragment stimulates cholesterol ester hydrolase (cholesterol esterase; sterol-ester acylhydrolase, EC activity in the adrenal cortex but fails to activate cholesterol side-chain cleavage [6].
  • In contrast, the R63A and R423A mutant enzymes displayed 5- and 11-fold decreases in k(cat), in comparison with wild type CEL, for bile salt-dependent cholesteryl ester hydrolysis [7].
  • However, the x-ray crystal structure of CEL failed to show the involvement of arginine residues in CEL-bile salt interaction [7].
  • Although taurocholate induced similar changes in circular dichroism spectra for wild type, R63A, and R423G proteins, this bile salt was less efficient in protecting the mutant enzymes against thermal inactivation in comparison with control CEL [7].
  • Mutations of Arg(63) to Ala(63) (R63A) and Arg(423) to Gly(423) (R423G) resulted in enzymes with increased bile salt-independent hydrolytic activity against lysophosphatidylcholine, having 6.5- and 2-fold higher k(cat) values, respectively, in comparison to wild type CEL [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of Cel


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cel


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