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Gene Review

Ngfr  -  nerve growth factor receptor (TNFR...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: LNGFR, Low affinity neurotrophin receptor p75NTR, Low-affinity nerve growth factor receptor, NGF receptor, Tnfrsf16, ...
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Disease relevance of Ngfr


Psychiatry related information on Ngfr


High impact information on Ngfr

  • Interestingly, final target-derived NGF promotes expression of the p75 neurotrophin receptor, in turn causing a reduction in the sensitivity of axons to intermediate target-derived NT-3 [9].
  • NGF was constitutively produced by B cells only, which also expressed surface p140trk-A and p75NGFR molecules and hence efficiently bound and internalized the cytokine [10].
  • Our results suggest that p75NGFR has an important role in the development and function of sensory neurons [11].
  • The mutation in the gene encoding p75NGFR did not decrease the size of sympathetic ganglia or the density of sympathetic innervation of the iris or salivary gland [11].
  • Crossing a human transgene encoding p75NGFR into the mutant animals rescued the absent heat sensitivity and the occurrence of skin ulcers and increased the density of neuropeptide-immunoreactive sensory innervation of footpad skin [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of Ngfr


Biological context of Ngfr


Anatomical context of Ngfr

  • It was revealed that the growth of the esophageal epithelium begins from postnatal day 3, and that the timing is consistent with membrane localization of Ngfr in the basal cell [21].
  • The LNGFR is not expressed in our fibroblast system, implying that this receptor is not essential for responses to physiological concentrations of the neurotrophins [22].
  • This activation was not observed in Schwann cells isolated from mice that lacked p75NTR [23].
  • Neuron number is normal in sympathetic ganglia of adult p75NTR-/- mice [24].
  • We demonstrate that ephrin-B3 is expressed in postnatal myelinating oligodendrocytes and, by using primary CNS neurons, show that ephrin-B3 accounts for an inhibitory activity equivalent to that of the other three myelin-based inhibitors, acting through p75, combined [25].

Associations of Ngfr with chemical compounds

  • These factors utilize the Trk family of receptor tyrosine kinases, perhaps in conjunction with a second component known as the low affinity NGF receptor (LNGFR) [22].
  • After 4 weeks of streptozotocin-induced diabetes, the number of immunoreactive CGRP A-cells was reduced from 692 +/- 122 to 489 +/- 125 (P = 0.004) in p75(+/+) mice on the noncrushed side [26].
  • Sciatic nerve crush was associated with a substantial loss of L5DRG B-cells in diabetic and nondiabetic p75(+/+) mice and with substantial loss of immunoreactive substance P cells in diabetic p75(+/+) mice [26].
  • The p75NTR-dependent effect requires NGF (nerve growth factor) binding and activation of the second messenger ceramide [27].
  • The low affinity receptor (Kd approximately 10(-9) to 10(-8) M) is a cysteine-rich glycoprotein encoded by the previously characterized LNGFR gene [28].

Physical interactions of Ngfr

  • Surprisingly, most sets of trkA-dependent sensory innervation are suppressed by trkB perhaps interacting with p75 [29].
  • The p75 neurotrophin receptor has been implicated in neurotrophin binding and signaling for both NGF and NT3 [30].
  • The zinc finger protein NRIF (neurotrophin receptor interacting factor) was originally identified by virtue of its interaction with the neurotrophin receptor p75NTR and its participation in embryonic apoptosis [31].
  • In contrast, brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) binding to p75 resulted in an equivalent level of apoptosis in neurons expressing Cre, GFP, and uninfected cells [32].
  • We have previously shown that dendrite morphology of cultured hippocampal neurones is controlled by Notch receptor activation or binding of nerve growth factor (NGF) to its low affinity receptor p75NTR, i.e. processes that up-regulate the expression of the Homologue of enhancer of split 1 and 5 [33].

Regulatory relationships of Ngfr


Other interactions of Ngfr

  • Blockade of p75NTR prevented bFGF reduction and resulted in both structural and functional photoreceptor survival in vivo [1].
  • Function-blocking antibody studies indicate that this apoptosis is due to BDNF-mediated activation of p75NTR [38].
  • Involvement of transcription factor encoded by the mouse mi locus (MITF) in expression of p75 receptor of nerve growth factor in cultured mast cells of mice [19].
  • In p75(-/-) mice, there was no such effect of diabetes on the immunoreactive CGRP A-cell number [26].
  • Neurotrophin receptor interacting factor (NRIF) is an essential mediator of apoptotic signaling by the p75 neurotrophin receptor [39].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ngfr


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