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Gene Review

A2m  -  alpha-2-macroglobulin

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: A2MAC1, A2m1, A2maa, Alpha-2-M, Alpha-2-macroglobulin, ...
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Disease relevance of A2m


Psychiatry related information on A2m

  • Results of this study indicate that the accumulation and activation of alpha 2M with inflammatory neuropathologies such as Alzheimer's disease can inhibit synaptic plasticity, which might partly account for the memory deficits seen in these patients [5].

High impact information on A2m


Chemical compound and disease context of A2m


Biological context of A2m


Anatomical context of A2m

  • Very high concentrations of alpha 2-macroglobulin mRNA originating from both start sites were also found in the uterus but not in the liver of pregnant females [19].
  • In addition, alpha 2-macroglobulin mRNA was detected in brain, spinal cord and eye [10].
  • It was inhibited by the variant alpha 1-antitrypsin Pittsburgh (Met358 to Arg358; K0.5 = 100 nM) but not by other related proteins normally co-secreted with albumin from hepatocytes, namely alpha 1-antitrypsin M, alpha 2-macroglobulin, or antithrombin III [20].
  • Insulin stimulates receptor-mediated uptake of apoE-enriched lipoproteins and activated alpha 2-macroglobulin in adipocytes [21].
  • Native and activated forms of alpha 2-macroglobulin increase expression of platelet-derived growth factor alpha-receptor in vascular smooth muscle cells. Evidence for autocrine transforming growth factor-beta activity [22].

Associations of A2m with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of A2m

  • In summary, results demonstrated that alpha 2M-MA enhanced TGF-beta 1-induced growth responses and that this effect was dependent on alpha 2M-MA binding to alpha 2M receptor/LRP [25].
  • The increase in the binding of alpha 2-macroglobulin-protease complex parallelled an increase in the incorporation of glucosamine, although the latter did not increase to the same extent [26].

Regulatory relationships of A2m


Other interactions of A2m


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of A2m


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