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Gene Review

GAL  -  galanin/GMAP prepropeptide

Sus scrofa

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Disease relevance of GAL

  • The inhibitory effect of pertussis toxin on the GAL binding considers a G-protein-involved allosteric system, important for the clarification of essential steps in the G-protein-related signal transduction [1].
  • It may be suggested that GAL modulates the slow, long-lasting membrane depolarization of the principal ganglion cells caused by SP in the primary afferents related to the IMG [2].
  • The co-localization of GAL and dopamine beta-hydroxylase (D beta H--a key enzyme of the noradrenaline synthesis pathway) in perivascular nerve fibers could lead to considerable vasospasms in the pancreas, resulting in deeper hypoxia of the organ [3].
  • Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy detects galanin receptor diversity on insulinoma cells [1].
  • Galanin and its newly discovered relative galanin-like peptide (GALP) are neuropeptides that are implicated in the neuroendocrine regulation of body weight and reproduction [4].

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Biological context of GAL

  • We describe below the construction of a 1.1-million-recombinant cDNA library derived from poly(A)+ RNA from pig adrenal medulla, rich in galanin-like immunoreactivity, and the isolation and characterization of clones encoding preprogalanin [8].
  • Sequencing of two recombinant plasmids shows that pig galanin mRNA in the adrenal medulla encodes a precursor protein of 123 amino acids that is comprised of a leader sequence, a single galanin sequence, and a 59-amino acid sequence (galanin message-associated peptide) of as yet unknown function [8].
  • Construction of a porcine adrenal medullary cDNA library and nucleotide sequence analysis of two clones encoding a galanin precursor [8].
  • Scatchard analysis of binding data reveal one binding process, assuming one binding site per Rh-GAL (n = 1) [1].
  • This study on anaesthetised cats compares the effects on cardiac vagal action and blood pressure of human, rat and porcine GAL [9].

Anatomical context of GAL


Associations of GAL with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of GAL


Co-localisations of GAL

  • DRG BG-projecting neurons contained mostly substance P (SP) and/or calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) which sometimes colocalized with GAL [12].

Regulatory relationships of GAL

  • Extirpation of the uterus reduced the expression of TH and induced the expression of GAL in the neurons [13].
  • 4. Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) and isoprenaline, known to induce cell relaxation through an increase in intracellular cAMP level, inhibited CCK-induced cell contraction at concentrations ranging from 1 pM to 1 microM but failed to inhibit cell contraction induced by galanin [14].
  • Galanin inhibits somatostatin release by the rat islet cell tumor in culture, Rin-m [15].
  • In conclusion the present study provides some evidence to ascribe a hypophysiotropic role to galanin in regulating LH but not GH secretion in the pig [16].

Other interactions of GAL

  • Pancreastatin was effective at all concentrations, but low concentration had more marked secretory effects whereas GAL failed to evoke any significant increases in either protein or amylase secretion [17].
  • Carotid-body-like paraganglia from the newborn pig showed cell bodies IR to TH, GAL and ENK [18].
  • Immunohistochemistry revealed that FB-positive (FB+) uterus-projecting neurons in control animals contained only immunoreactivities to NPY (ca. 50%) and GAL (single neurons) [19].
  • On the contrary, 10 microM forskolin abolished the contraction induced by 10 nM CCK but had no effect on galanin-induced contraction [14].
  • Pretreatment of Rin-m cells with pertussis toxin abolished the inhibitory effect of galanin on somatostatin release [15].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of GAL

  • In the present study an antiserum towards porcine GAL has been developed and used for radioimmunoassay and immunohistochemical studies [20].
  • The enteric neuropeptide galanin (GAL) increased the amplitude of spontaneous contractions in longitudinally oriented muscle strips and inhibited short-circuit current (Isc) elevations induced by transmural electrical stimulation (ES) of mucosal sheets from porcine jejunum in vitro [10].
  • Hyperacute rejection of hDAF-transgenic pig organ xenografts in cynomolgus monkeys: influence of pre-existing anti-pig antibodies and prevention by the alpha GAL glycoconjugate GAS914 [21].
  • Lacrimal gland segments obtained from the abattoir were fixed in paraformaldehyde-picric acid solution, cut into 40-50 microns thick sections and processed for immunohistochemistry using polyclonal antisera against GAL and LEU-ENK [22].
  • Infusion of 5.10(-10)-10(-8) M of GAL into the arterial line of the isolated perfused porcine ileum decreased the frequency of spontaneous phasic contractions in a dose-dependent manner [23].


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