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Catheters, Indwelling

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  • Prostacyclin was infused intravenously for 10 minutes before dialysis and into the arterial line of the dialyzer during dialysis [6].
  • To examine these questions, we conducted a phase I trial using protracted infusion of 5-FU by indwelling catheter and pump, with leucovorin given by bolus injection, and reported 40% partial response [7].
  • We infused either PTH (bovine 1-34, 10 U/kg body wt/h) or saline into awake and unrestrained rats for 24 h, through a chronic indwelling catheter [8].
  • Beginning 10 days after placement of an LCx-constricting device, VEGF 45 micrograms (n = 9) or saline (n = 12) was administered daily via an indwelling catheter in the distal LCx, at a point just beyond the occlusion [9].
  • Blood samples for the measurement of tumor necrosis factor and endotoxin were collected by way of an indwelling catheter placed in the suprahepatic vena cava [10].

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  • The complexity of epoprostenol therapy (chronic indwelling catheters, reconstitution of the drug, operation of the infusion pump, and others) has led to attempts to develop other prostanoids with simpler modes of delivery [36].
  • A set of independent variables was also evaluated, including age, gender, APACHE III scores, the presence of preexisting medical conditions, the use of invasive monitoring (Swan-Ganz catheters, central and arterial lines), and the use of antibiotics, low-dose dopamine (LDD) for renal protection, vasopressors, TPN, and enteral feeding [37].
  • INTERVENTIONS: Animals with chronic indwelling catheters were pretreated with polymyxin B-dextran (6 mg/kg) or placebo (dextran) and an intra-abdominal focus of infection was then produced by cecal ligation and perforation [38].
  • Deferoxamine was infused into the arterial lines of the CAVH cartridge at increasing doses [39].
  • OBJECTIVE: To evaluate blood samples obtained from a new blood-conserving arterial line system for the presence of hemodilution or heparin contamination [40].


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