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Joint Capsule

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  • Changes in joint blood flow, measured by laser Doppler perfusion imaging, were produced by topical applications of selective tachykinin receptor agonists to the joint capsule [11].
  • Using progressively deleted and mutant promoter constructs of MMP-9, we show that serum amyloid A-activating factor (SAF)-1, a novel transcription factor, and the AP-1 family of proteins cooperatively regulate cytokine-mediated induction of MMP-9 in the resident cells of the joint capsule [7].
  • RESULTS: The power Doppler mode identified increased synovial microvascular blood flow inside the joint capsule in 17 of 21 RA patients (81%) vs one of the healthy controls [24].
  • The mRNA levels for lumican and decorin were increased in the joint capsules of the contracture knees in all groups when compared to normal capsules [2].
  • In the joint capsules of the patients with elbow contractures, relative mRNA levels were increased for: collagen Types I, III, and V (1.5-2.5 times); biglycan (1.5 times); and matrix metalloproteinases-1, -2, -9, -13, and -15 (1.6-3.9 times) [25].

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