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Fetal Mortality

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Gene context of Fetal Mortality

  • Furthermore, pentoxifylline, an inhibitor of TNF-alpha synthesis, significantly inhibited TNF-alpha production, reduced fetal mortality, and reversed LPS-induced fetal intra-uterine growth restriction and skeletal development retardation [28].
  • On the basis of these data, which are derived from families of several different backgrounds of European ancestry, it is generalized that, as we proceed from CL sibships to CLP sibships, there is a doubling effect on fetal mortality [29].
  • It exhibits high antiretroviral activity against HIV and exhibits immunosuppressive activity in a multiple sclerosis model and reduces embryo and fetal mortality by stimulation of IL-10 production [30].
  • Analysis of 418 sibships of oral cleft probands from Indiana, and 288 sibships from Montreal indicate that the incidence of fetal mortality is significantly greater in sibships of probands with cleft lip and cleft palate (CLP) as compared to that in sibships of probands with cleft lip (CL) alone [31].
  • Fetal mortality in the uterine arterial catheterized group was 76%, and there was no significant difference in fetal or placental weight or IGF-1 levels between infused and noninfused survivors [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Fetal Mortality


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