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Gene context of Immunocompetence

  • Because reduced expression of CD28 in T cells compromises immunocompetence, we examined whether CD28 expression is reduced in patients with RA in vivo and whether the reduction is related to TNFalpha [31].
  • Stimulation with IL-2 alone partially restored the immunocompetence of EALs to kill the tumor targets [32].
  • In conclusion, our experimental system is suitable for the investigation of chemokine and cytokine production by the human peritoneum, with the aim of assessing aspects of local immunocompetence [33].
  • In immune-compromised dwarf mice, prolactin restores immunocompetence [34].
  • We postulate that the inescapable lethality of the motheaten defect is due to the lack of immunocompetence during the critical developmental period before adulthood and perhaps to an autoaggressive component as well [35].

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