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Chemical Compound Review

AG-E-04536     1-[(1S,2R)-2- heptylcyclopentyl]octane

Synonyms: CHEBI:33023, HMDB04659, CTK0H8099, AC1L32WN, 8beta-prostane, ...
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Disease relevance of 8-Isoprostane


Psychiatry related information on 8-Isoprostane

  • We measured plasma 8-isoprostane levels in 157 healthy Japanese volunteers divided into three groups (64 non-habitual drinkers, 56 moderate drinkers and 37 habitual drinkers) according to their alcohol consumption per week [6].

High impact information on 8-Isoprostane


Chemical compound and disease context of 8-Isoprostane


Biological context of 8-Isoprostane


Anatomical context of 8-Isoprostane


Associations of 8-Isoprostane with other chemical compounds

  • High-salt intake for 4 weeks markedly elevated systolic arterial pressure, urinary excretion of protein, 8-isoprostane, and H(2)O(2), and the enzyme activity of reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH) oxidase along with the elevated expression of its subunits gp91phox and p47phox at the levels of mRNA and protein [24].
  • Urinary excretion of 8-isoprostane F2alpha (8-iso-PGF2alpha) was used as an index of whole-body lipid peroxidation [25].
  • In conclusion, cPLA2, PGE2, and ROS formation was activated by all particle types, whereas LTB4 production and 8-isoprostane were strongly dependent on particles' oxidative potential [26].
  • RESULTS: Compared with control subjects, exhaled LTE 4 ( P <.001), LTB 4 ( P <.001), and 8-isoprostane ( P <.001) levels were increased in both steroid-naive and steroid-treated atopic asthmatic children but not in atopic nonasthmatic children (LTE 4 , P=.14; LTB 4 , P=.23; and 8-isoprostane, P=.52) [27].
  • RESULTS: 8-Isoprostane, nitrogen oxides, and pH were significantly higher in EBC than in BAL (3.845 vs. 0.027 ng/ml, 28.4 vs. 3.8 muM, and 7.35 vs. 6.4, respectively; p < 0.001) [28].

Gene context of 8-Isoprostane


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of 8-Isoprostane


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