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Rural Population

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  • In the rural community such changes as were encountered were invariable mild and no-one had clinical features resembling classical rheumatoid arthritis; by contrast, among the urban Blacks the changes resembled those of rheumatoid disease in White populations [32].
  • PATIENTS AND MEASUREMENTS: We examined lipid levels in a group of untreated severely GHD patients with a mutation in the GHRH receptor gene from a rural community in North-east Brazil [33].
  • DESIGN AND METHODS: We investigated the relationships of adiponectin concentration with insulin sensitivity, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hCRP) and pulse wave velocity (PWV) in male inhabitants of rural communities in Japan. hCRP and PWV were used as an indexes of atherosclerosis [34].
  • This prospective case series set out to evaluate the safety of tPA use in patients referred from rural communities to a tertiary center [35].
  • The joint maternal-neonatal PGM1 distribution in a sample from an Italian rural population is significantly different from that expected assuming Hardy-Weinberg conditions for equilibrium [36].

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