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Gene context of Hypernatremia

  • Both the euthyroid and the hypothyroid animals receiving 2% NaCl developed hypernatremia and increased the levels and the size of OT and AVP mRNAs compared to their tap water cohorts [23].
  • GN and UGN therefore participate in the prevention of hypernatremia and hypervolemia after salty meals [24].
  • At the same time, we found that oxytocin (OT) receptors were important mediators of natriuresis induced by hypernatremia but not of that induced by isotonic volume expansion [25].
  • Patients who developed hypernatremia during hospitalization were younger than patients who developed hypernatremia before hospital admission (mean age +/- SD, 58.9 +/- 19.2 years compared with 76.6 +/- 16.6 years; P < 0.01) but did not differ in age from the patients of the general hospitalized population [26].
  • An infant with microcephaly and delayed development was found to have chronic asymptomatic hypernatremia [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hypernatremia


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