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Chemical Compound Review

Aerosporin     N-[3-amino-1-[[1-[[3-amino-1- [[6,9,18...

Synonyms: Poly-RX, Polimixina B, Polymyxine B, polymyxin b, AC1NWAPL, ...
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  • Selective bowel decontamination of recipients with polymyxin B sulfate would be a candidate for protection against early graft failure following OLT [1].
  • The effect of Abeta(25-35) on MCP-1 secretion was neither mimicked by a scrambled analogue nor affected by polymyxin B sulfate, even though the latter almost completely abolished the effect of LPS on MCP-1 expression [6].
  • In the presence of polymyxin B sulfate, the enhanced LF binding by LPS was abrogated [7].
  • MAF activity was not abolished by polymyxin B sulfate, suggesting that this activity is not mediated by or dependent on LPS [8].
  • A patient receiving polymyxin B sulfate intravenously for Gram-negative "anion gap". Both abnormalities resolved following discontinuation of the drug [9].

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